Posted by: CarolAnn | April 10, 2009

The Silence of the Trees

If only trees could speak

I wonder what they’d say

If they’d tell of long, gone stories

Of way back in the day

Where warriors fell beneath them

And lovers carved their names

Of raging storms that blew through them

And of moonlight’s dusty haze

I wonder if they’ve cried at life

Or laughed in spite of time

I wonder if they’ve bared the burdens

That have traveled through mankind
Oh, only if the trees could speak

They’d tell of civil wars

Of brothers fighting brothers

Of land, etched with Indian souls

I wish I could converse with them

And tell them all my dreams

I’d take away their sorrows

As too, they may seem

To live in peaceful solace

Their roots go far beneath

The soul of every man

Who dared to hear them speak.


The Silence of the Trees (Excerpt from “Somewhere Along the Beaten Path”)
by CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd



  1. This is wonderful and touching. It makes me think of Shel Silversteins ‘The Giving Tree’ which always makes me cry each time I read it!

  2. I actually was inspired by this poem while I was walking through the town park in Lexington, SC. The trees were so tall, ancient, and inviting, that I imagined they’ve seen much in their lifespan here on earth. They give so much to us, but so few of us realize the value of their valor. Thx 4 commenting, Karen. 🙂

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