Posted by: CarolAnn | April 9, 2009

Twitter-holism: Part of the Social Media Revolution?

Twitter: I love you, but you’re breaking my heart, man! There have been times I’ve wanted to pull out my hair. Every time I see the notorious “fail whale” or ugh…the crazy-looking robot pop up on my digital screen, my heart is breaking because I know deep down inside that I’m missing 100 tweets from important tweeple on the #TwitterExpress.stress Will someone send a link about pirates (aargh!) hijacking a naval ship, or maybe just a twitpic of a twitter pal’s latest grandchild? Or worse still, someone on twitter might have integrated their account with blip.fmand now I’m missing the latest tune by Nickelback! Ugh!

Okay, let’s get some composure here. Like any “good” drug, or positive high, twitter woos folks with its constant stream of information. Within seconds, peeps can get a link to a website for Amish “friendship” bread…or, if you just want a little inspiration, you can listen to gifted female vocalists like Marcome or read the inspirational poetry of Alice Parris. There is no story too small, no photograph too large, and no #quote that individuals can’t find on this super-sonic railway of thoughts, ideas, and advice. In fact, if you want advice on twitter, you might get 10 replies or “DMs” from avid users willing and able to share their humble home remedies, therapies, or just a shoulder to lean on (or to cry on).

If chicken soup is good for the soul, then twitter is excellent for the mind, body, and spirit. Whether you’re searching for a new elliptical machine, an alternative medicine, a Prius, or even a home — twitter is just like Ragu: “it’s in there.” In the mix of “I’m reading a book” to “how to market your website,” there’s nearly a 100 percent guarantee that whatever it is you’re seeking, you’ll find on this phenomenal social media network. Aside from the continual streams of tweets, twitter users discover and develop unlikely unions of friendship; both on personal and professional levels.

It’s no wonder we humans are so quickly addicted to this innovative networking site. Where else can you become so involved with the day-to-day routines of everyday folks from all walks of life…just with the click of your keyboard? Better than other social media sites, twitter takes online marketing, promotion, and creativity to the next level of modern communications. Of course we can’t forget the human factor, because that’s what makes twitter so popular. It doesn’t matter if you’re the cook at McDonalds, or a Wall Street broker (okay – bad choice)…twitter is the place to be if you want to be connected with the World Wide Web.

Twitter-holism might not be that bad after all. In fact, recent studies suggest that there’s a social media revolution underway…and it’s good for business! Are you part of it?

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Twitter-holism: Part of the Social Media Revolution?
By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd



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