Posted by: CarolAnn | April 7, 2009

Proof of Spiritual Afterlife: Messages from Beyond

On the 19th of October, my father passed away at home. Surrounded by family and friends, my dad fought death until he could no more. His battle had been long and weary; and though we’d tried every resource under the sun to “fix him,” in the end, he lost his battle to multiple heart-related reasons – though I attribute his spiraling demise to MRSA.

It began with a quadruple bypass heart surgery in early 2002. While surgeons at a local, major (hospital) had done a super job repairing his heart, he contracted a “staph” infection during his hospital stay; which we later understood to be Methicillan Resistant Staphylococcus Aureaus – one of the worst types of hospital-acquired infections.

Sent home with this infection, my father’s health began to rapidly deteriorate. Multiple surgeries and treatments later, (including reconstructive plastic surgery where MRSA had eaten clear to the breastplate); my dad’s blood sugar had become completely out of control, kidney function was near renal failure; and half of his heart was now comprised of dead tissue. He had suffered tremendously under the trusted hands of “conventional medicine.”

I believe it was the sheer act of Divine Intervention that my father managed to survive three more years. His will and determination to live were impeccable. Until the end, he fought death like the soldier he was. Even when family members begged him to “let go,” his dying words were, “…I don’t want to.” In fact, my dad did not want to die (as most folks share the same feelings). He loved my mom so much, that on the day he died, he ordered a dozen red roses for her. To her surprise, she asked him, “Who are these for?” At this time he could barely speak, but he pointed to her. Then she asked him, “…From who are these roses?” To which he responded by pointing to himself. His nobility was simply admirable. Chivalry was nothing new to my dad, and my mom had a special bond with him. With nearly 40 years of marriage behind them, we’d thought them both immortal.

Prior to his physical death, my family had the rare opportunity to bid our final words to him. Since most of we believe in life after death, we’d asked him to give us signs when he made it to the “other side.” Unbelievably, he didn’t just give us one sign, but many. The one that stood out the most was the following, actual account:

My aunt, (my father’s sister) was staying at his home with my mom. During that time, I had cleared ALL voicemail messages from my cell phone and left the cell phone with my aunt so she could call out-of-town family members. The following morning (10-20-05) I went to my mom’s house where my aunt met me at the door to tell me, “…you need to check your cell phone. It rang me at 3:30a.m. but I couldn’t figure out what to do with it.” When I asked her, “Why?” She replied, “…well, I opened the flip-phone to see who was calling but all I got was a text message stating that I had two NEW voicemail messages.”

Thinking that these were family members from out of town, I proceeded to dial my number and enter my pass code to retrieve the new messages. The first new message sounded garbled and liken to someone under water. The second new voice message was my father stating, “…hey, we’re home. I’ve got a sack full of groceries and we need some help.

Now, my father had congestive heart failure and on the morning of the 19th, we helplessly watched him drown in his own fluids until his passing. Prior to his passing, my dad had not been grocery shopping for at least three weeks (one of his favorite past times). Additionally, it had been nearly eight weeks prior to his death when his voice was so crisp and clear as it was on the phone.

I’d heard of cell phone messages being delayed by a few days, but I am fairly certain that this was in fact an EVP from my dad. Technically, he stopped breathing at 3:30a.m. — His pacemaker kept his heart beating until 4:02a.m.

My dad could never remember my cell phone number, but for some peculiar reason, on the following day of his passing, he managed to send me two new voice mail messages. The other bizarre part of these communications were that both voice mail messages were deemed “new” from Verizon, but coincidentally did not list a time or date.

Before he died, he had had multiple visions and communications with God, and the night prior to his physical death, he asked us, “…do you see them coming?” There was no one that we could see, but he did. My assumption is that he saw the Angels coming for him. I also recall him having his eyes closed and having the ability to see my daughter perched on the floor. With lids shut, he pointed his finger at her, and said, “Rita Marie?” He’d even visited my daughter in a dream where he relayed, “I’ve made it here. Don’t worry about me.” Later, we’d developed pictures of my dad that had been taken days prior to his passing. On the photos, we could see a light-blue aura around him. He was already crossing over to the other side, but at the time, no one wanted to accept it – including him.

Though my dad is very loved and missed, he had given us all signs prior to and after his physical death. Skeptics may say these accounts were merely coincidental; prompted by human imagination, even the Verizon phone call – I say that life after death does exist. Most physicists agree that energy cannot be destroyed – it simply transforms.
In closure, I find that listening to “Solsbury Hill” by Peter Gabriel, gives me a sense of resolve and hope. An unlikely source of spirituality, his closing lyrics read:

…Who close their eyes, but still can see

No one taught them etiquette

I will show another me

Today I don’t need a replacement

I’ll tell them what the smile on my face meant

My heart was going boom boom boom

Hey, I said, you can keep my things, they’ve come to take me home…

My dad crossed over with a smile on his face. As I reflect, I know that though his struggle was bitter until the end, he has found peace and eternal life in another realm of spiritual energy. Like the man he was in life, he managed to give us all hope, even in his physical death. Thus, if you’ve lost someone near and dear to you, know that pure energy never dies.

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Proof of Spiritual Afterlife: Messages from Beyond
By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd



  1. Dr. Peter Fenwich is one of the people who have done research on Death Bed Visions and they are very similar in nature to Near Death Experiences.

  2. Yes, the death bed visions seem to confirm the evidence from near death experiences that life continues after death. Thus, we have a proof of the afterlife.

  3. First of all, thank you for posting this very personal experience, your dad sounds like he was an absolutely wonderful man.
    Secondly…I could not believe what I was reading when you stated the call “sounded garbled and liken to someone under water” because not but ten minutes ago I said the same thing to a friend about a message on my phone. That is what led me to your site, I googled voicemail from beyond to see if any other accounts might be posted and yours is the first one I read. This is the second message I have recieved, and also the one that made me take notice. The first one I thought was strange sounding, but figured someone’s “butt called me” lol, you know like the phone was in their pocket when they sat down, but now that I have another that sounds exactly the same, I’m thinking it could be a bit more.
    Anyway…thanks for your post. God bless you and yours!

  4. Thx for taking the time to read and leave your feedback, Renee. I believe in the spiritual afterlife because I’ve personally encountered it firsthand in more ways than one. I’ve found that when these “unexplained phenomena” occur it’s no coincidence…especially if you feel it in your heart to be real. 🙂 Additionally, because the “spirits” like our own souls, are comprised of energy — it makes absolute sense that any pulse or electronical frequencies can pick up and read the spirits because of this reason alone. I’ll be writing more on other “supernatural” experiences in the future.

  5. I still need proof that I have not gotten yet, though I have asked. I want my “proof” to be real and not fabricated in my mind, like many people. Unfortunately, we live in a world soaked in lies, selfishness, greed, loneliness, abuse and mental illness of all degrees, so how can you really believe anyones personal accounts, unless definitive PROOF? I’m not looking to write a book or be on TV or have a blog (that’s irrelevant to me), all I want is my own proof. Give me real proof and I’ll believe, if not, we can talk until the cows come home and nothing will get done. I can be just as philosophical and hopeful as anyone, but show me the money. I would very much like to believe.

  6. Michael, as much as I would like to offer you definitive “proof”, it is what it is…in the eye of the beholder. However, as far as the scientific proof, it is true that energy cannot die — it can only transform. Into what form that is, is ultimately what the mind’s eye can conceive. While this case is unique to me, I cannot make anyone believe or feel the same things that I saw or dreamt after his death, I can only tell you that should you have the rare encounter that I had, you too, may find solace in death and dying. I, for one, no longer fear death. It’s the living part that sometimes bothers me. LOL 😉

  7. The is no afterlife. In order for it to be afterlife the has to be life in the first place. Nothing is real. I talk to spirits all the time. I dont need special instruments to record them. I can ask them to move things and they do it for me. Dead things can not do that. Energy can not be gone away with. and yes e does not equal mc square. it does if all of the variables are the same, change 1 thing and we blame it on afterlife.

  8. I can’t believe a single word of this thread as it offers “NO” measurable proof! Just simply what has allways from day dot been offered up as proof,”someones word for it” well quite a lot of people lie for quite a multitude of diferent reasons! The rest are either deluded or overly optomistic to the point of seeing or hearing normal everyday things & putting 2+2 together & coming up with 17.3!
    Of all. The billions of people who have died in the past are you telling me that not even. One of them who had the ability to visualy manifest themselves for us to see, had the desire to show definitive proof of an after life, & so when at the opertune moment ie when some scientific geeky types are attempting in vain to record in any way they could said proof,that this spirit wouldn’t have given the proof needed in undeniable measurable evidence??? It seems as soon as the powers that be point a camera there’s no sign whatsoever yet the person claiming will tell you they see these things as regular as clockwork? I mean its not like the afterlife has anything to fear by appearing! So it leads me to believe its all tosh every last account, every story leaves a vital element that requires blind faith to complete the puzzle & its the blind faith part I don’t get at all!
    I mean, all this talk of angels & talking to god are obviously a dying mans brain shutting down or need to put his loved ones minds at rest, don’t ever hear mediums or so called psychics even mention angels or god, & there info comes through so cryptic you may as well be tackling the times crossword ! No its tosh end of! Your energy will only go. On as worm food I’m afraid!

  9. IMO, “proof” is in the eye of the beholder. What I experienced, what my father experienced are only personal accounts. Energy doesn’t die – it only transforms – that is a fact. 😉

  10. Hello Carol: I do believe that our loved ones who have crossed over to – the afterlife, otherside , heaven whatever name you want to give it, can and do give us signs that they are still with us allbeit in spirit, pure energy. We have a website in honor of our son Billy, which anyone can visit read our story and view a few pages of some of the type of signs that we have and continue to receive from Billy.

    Have a great day

  11. […] Proof of Spiritual Afterlife: Messages from Beyond April 2009 6 comments 5 […]

  12. CarolAnn

    Does the voice message really exist? Do you still have it?
    I assume you stored it otherwise I don’t belie in it at all.
    If you stored it it is easily checkable when exactly you got it.

    My issue is that I am a lucid dreamer. After years I started controlling my dreams, I can create Out of Body experience and analyze it. By many experiments I state tha OBE doesn’t exist. All items of your seeing which you don’t know are being create by logical choices by your brain from memory.

    Telepathy between 2 living creatures, even a dog and the owner has been proven many times before. But a communication with the dead hasn’t.

    If you really had that message you could prove you are telling truth.

    The most wrong is when you say that energy transforms as energy doesn’t equal conciousness.

    Looking forward for your answer regarding the message otherwise I am sorry but you had a very belivable dream. Just to prove it – I wake up with my body cold if I create a winter setting for my dream it just I developped a knowledge of realising I am dreaming.

  13. Hello Js, actually I did have the voice message on my old phone. That was several years ago before it went completely kaput. That being said, scientifically, energy cannot die. It does transform. Since we are proportionate to energy, yes, the potentiality exists for afterlife communications. It is something very personal and only very intuitive individuals can perceive – and no, I was not dreaming. In fact, I was very awake when the phone messages came through — both were received while sitting among my family in the living room.

    Feel free to believe what you choose to believe, just as you state you do when you make up your mind to create the dream setting. I for one know what happened the day after my father passed away. I will never forget it and it was what it was… a once-in-a-lifetime event. Just my two cents…

  14. Hi
    Thank for your response.
    It is just not like I don’t belive, I would simply check that message inside out.

    Your operator would be able to tell you the proper time it was sent regardless of who sent it. Old phones had an option to hide details and that is how the messages both voice and text were showing: a new message with no source attached, often delayed, actually almost always.

    Second thing as I said before energy transforms but it doesn’t mean that it is concious energy at all. Everything has an energy and it keeps transforming and transforming back – a cycle. The sentence that energy transform from a body is true but that it stays in same form and has conciousness is a gospel. You seem to be keep making a point that transforming energy is a proof of an afterlife. It isn’t at all, it is just merely scientific sounding sentence.
    Don’t get me wrong I would like to belive you and I am not a sceptic at all. It just the story sounds more than possible to happen with no supernatural forces.


  15. Hi

    Another example:
    No source of the message sender was very easily achievable by:
    – hiding your personal details on your mobile,
    – while asking for not being listed in a phone book by your land line privider, it often removed all details while contacting someone.
    – text or vioce messages are being delayed for days, still today, it just happened to me,

    It has nothing to do with a proof being in eye of beholder and please don’t mention energy anymore as it is only good sounding explanation with not even philosophical correctness.

    It is just what you posted sounds more than possible that your father called you. The message said we, who is we? Caretaker going along with your fathers dementia? Your mom actually taking your dad to the shop?
    It just more than possible to happen.


  16. You will not believe this!

    About twenty odd years ago, my Persian (Iranian) husband who was a convert from the old Zoastrian religion to Christianity. (Zoastrianism, is the religion. interestingly enough is what the three Kings were, and star formations were one of their main way of telling the future. This religion is stilkl around in Iran today)

    Ardishir, (Eddie) before I married him had come from Iran 20 years previously before he met met in London. We were married for 30 years in all, and went to live in the West Country and had two daughters Seven years before he died, he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. He had had three years to live apparently.

    However the old blighter carried on for the next 7. Anyway. about a year before he died, one day I was in our living room, watching the T.V., where I saw a fantastic pair of black slip on ‘K’ shoes with a bar and button on advertised They had a ‘retro’ look, and I said, oh they are just so gorgeous Eddie, come and look, but then we saw they were £44.99. He was the only one who knew I had really liked them. I soon forgot about them because of the price, and was not ‘into’ shoes really at all anyway.

    About a yearor so before he died, I said to him,
    “Wouldnt it be nice if you sent a sign from up there to prove there is a heaven? Like a rose dropping to my feel or something like that. It was just simply a really silly flippant throw away remark, but did emphase that if he could, he would do this. I did not think any more about it. Later he needed constant nursing and I was greatly helped by a nearby hospice, it was dreadful seeing him declining.

    When he finally died, I cried on and off for about three weeks. It was not a perfect marriage, but you hate to see anyone suffering to the degree he did. To finally try and cheer me up my daughter said shall we go to Clarkes Village in Somerton near Glastonbury .

    There, clothes are sold at a fraction of the price, because they are frayed, or discontinued etc. We went into some shops, got a few bargains, and then I finally realised we had’nt done the shoe shop.

    As I entered through the big double glass sliding doors, I vaguely noticed a pile of white shoe boxes to my right, more than an arms length away. About seven foot high standing on its own, like a tall pillar.

    Then as I moved foreward off the mat and into the shop, a very remarkable thing happened. For no earthly reason WHATSOEVER, the top box instantly flew to the ground in front of me. No one was near, I had not touched it. It landed at my feet about 3 feet away.

    This white box fell open. Before my very eyes, million to one chance, from where I was standing, I could clearly see those exact same shoes clearly displayed, The price was largely displayed by the side of the shoes, on the open side of the box to the right of in their box. Exactly identical K shoes. In my size, size 7. Also displayed price discontinued to £14.99!!!!!!

    This is just that yes, it has proved to me that yes there is a heaven. It was truly amazing, and yes I did buy them.

    Yours very truly, marion andrews. (report)

  17. Marion, your very personal experience is both a comfort and miracle. There are some things in life that no matter how we try to explain it, cannot be conformed to scientific reasoning. What you experienced is truly a gift and a mystery that can only felt and known by the heart and soul. Thank you for taking the time to write about your Eddie. He knows that you know and that is all that matters. 🙂 Hugs to you and wishes that he will reconnect with you soon. – CarolAnn

  18. Hello Guy – I regret that I have only seen this post from you today. But am thankful that I finally did and appreciate your sharing your heart-touching story with me. I cannot begin to imagine losing a child – my heart goes out to you. When I have an opportunity, I will take a look at your Website and your son’s legacy. I am certain that he will touch your hearts for as long as you live – ❤ & light — CA

  19. I was in my father’s room at a nursing center and saw/heard him talking to his father. He kept saying, “Dad! Dad!” and “But if I die…” and he had a quizzical look on his face. He did not know I was standing there.

    He loved live…my Mom…his sister…neighbors…pets…his business (textile mill) and especially, most ardently…sports of all kinds.

    The family was not well at many points and we had strife among us. Poor Dad took more than his share of our discontent. He kept on loving us all the same…he always forgave. If ever a man deserved to go to Heaven…

    A close friend of mine lost her aunt. After a few days of her passing, this aunt sent a “text message” to her sister (my friend’s mother). The message simply showed “Home”. Thought you might like to know this.

  20. Hi Barb – it is both enlightening and calming to read stories like yours and like that of others. Yours is one of so many that have touched and inspired me and others who have taken the time to read the blog and these heartfelt comments. I believe there are some things that no matter how hard science tries to explain it, simply cannot. Ironically, it is in essence “scientific” to some degree, as energy does not die — it only transforms in another way. Your dad, I am sure is near you and your family when you need him the most. Perhaps, in some of the most unlikely and pleasantly surprising ways. 🙂

  21. Thank you, Carol Ann. I also had a dream about my Dad. He was sitting directly in front of me explaining how he had suffered from a lot of depression in his life. And the dreams about Mom! Amazingly, none of us bothered to close her eyes when she died ! I asked my sister and she said the nurse did that. In one of my dreams…my mother’s entire head was visible to me with her eyes closed. She suddenly opened them!

    And other dreams of her…she was not happy in life, but in one of the dreams she was sociable and happy.

  22. The “truth” is that we are all, first and foremost, in spirit. We (as spirits) choose to incarnate to learn something through our lives’ purpose. Life on earth is only temporary and we return “home” after life when we are reunited with our loved ones. Home is sometimes referred to as the source of all energy or God (since man likes to put a face on everything.)

    People choose to have children here on earth, but they do not choose their spirit. The spirit chooses the parents. The parents give their genetics and create the environment for the child to grow and develop, but everyone has their own spirit. A person’s spirit doesn’t come from the parents.

    So, if you want proof that there is something more, ask yourself the question, where is your spirit from. We all have individual and unique spirits that live on. How many people have children and say they are all different. They are all different because they are separate and unique spirits and the spirit “energy” never dies.

  23. I like the expression, “We are not human beings having a spiritual experience…but spiritual beings having a human experience.”

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