Posted by: CarolAnn | April 5, 2009

Is Your Mind a Nuclear Reactor?

Following is one of the four Hindu Vedas – an inspirational passage from the Yajurveda: “Hatred and anger leads to unhappiness, pain and misery. So, one should always be soft-spoken and all ‘karma-yogis’ should tread on the path of righteousness.”
I imagine that we could learn a lot from the Yajurveda – it brings to mind and soul the essential karmic law of attraction and equal reaction. All humankind is inherent to one another. When we seek to harm others out of bitterness and vengeance, we discover that the malignancy of our negative actions creates more sorrow and misery in our lives.

As human beings, we are each an intricate thread of a greater God source. Our oneness with each other is what draws the spirit of human compassion and humility together to interweave the whole sum of humanity.

Are we not our brother’s keeper? Whether we believe in ancient biblical texts from civilizations long ago; it is in our best interest to always be good at heart, to live in peace, and to exemplify the highest standards of moral ethics as a constant practice to and for our fellow human and animal counterparts. Why? If we fill our heart with hatred, regret and anger, we inevitably destroy ourselves. Like a cancer, negative energy metastasizes in every cell of our being – mind, body and spirit. Eventually, it eats so much away that we no longer feel the love or blessings that life has bestowed upon us.

The jewels in my own life are not material possessions; they are the grace, love, honor, and compassion that I have inherited from the many good and kind people (and animals) who have demonstrated the beauty of life’s quintessential spirit. The beauty of living is more than just having things or acquiring things — living the experience in the true light of love is what produces inner peace, happiness, hope and continued blessings in all aspects of life.

"Magestic" by CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd

"Magestic" by CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd

Is your mind a nuclear reactor? Don’t allow negative energy to eat away at the core of your being – it will only destroy you. As the Yajurveda prescribes, “tread on the path of righteousness.” When we learn how to walk a righteous and sincere path in life, blessings become more pronounced in our lives…and brotherly love becomes the essence of our being. The Karmic law of attraction knows this not-so-hidden secret, and so should you. Live in peace, live in laughter, and live in love – always. Just some thoughts…

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Is Your Mind a Nuclear Reactor?
By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd


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