Posted by: CarolAnn | April 4, 2009

List 5 Reasons for what/who You are Living

During these tough times, many folks, (myself included) have had to adapt to excruciating circumstances to make ends meet. Whether financial, emotional, or otherwise, this past year has been one tedious roller-coaster ride. Suicides are up, stock markets are down, and for some of us — life has been teetering on the brink of insanity.

Since I’ve been doing a bit of reflecting over the course of the last two days, I thought about how I could best cope with some of the emotional anxiety I’ve been feeling as of late. As I pondered my personal and professional dilemma, I thought aloud to myself about what I could do to get my train of thinking in the right state of mind.

That mental process involved a great deal of soul searching. Then it came to me — in order to sift through the murky waters of today’s struggling economic environment, there had to be a sense of hopefulness and desire to truly live. The world doesn’t necessarily revolve around me, nor does it revolve around you…or anyone for that matter. In fact, I had to collectively pull myself together to realize all the different reasons to be alive. When I posed the (following) questions to myself, I couldn’t deny the fact that there were many, many valid and substantial reasons to live. I just had to find the most positive questions to ask myself first — that was the hard part. I could’ve went on and on about why this was happening to me, or what I did wrong to deserve this … that would’ve been easy. So here’s my point — don’t take the easy way out; too many of us have done this and it got us nowhere fast. Ask yourself the following questions before you think of doing anything rash — believe me, it may just save your life:

Check out this poll @ List 5 Reasons for what/who You are Living

I’ll be posting results of this poll in the next 48 hours.


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