Posted by: CarolAnn | April 3, 2009

A Single Rose

A Single Rose

A Single Rose

A single rose, its petals a bit brighter,
Its color a bit more beautiful
It stood out from the other nine
In a bouquet of ten

Somehow I knew this single rose
Had more meaning in its worth
Its design was quite eloquent
As it beckoned all that could see
Its clever disguise

At dinner on Thanksgiving
It beguiled me with its fancy lure
Somehow I understood this rose
In its valor
It called out to me
“I’m here,” it said, “look at me.”

Then, ah, in a twinkling
I knew…
It was such a gentle spirit
And it rendered me speechless

Could it be?
That my dad had come to visit me
Was it he, that rose, that beckoned me
That stood out from the rest of the bouquet
To silently say, “Hello?”

Perhaps this single rose
May have meant nothing to the world,
But to me…
It meant the world.

COPYRIGHT-All Rights Reserved Worldwide
A Single Rose
By CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd


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