Posted by: CarolAnn | February 2, 2009

Who I am…

I’m a freelance writer, author, poet, artist, and animal lover…especially the canine kind. Six dogs have adopted me – and they’re all big, adorable guys. nov29-004

I love nature, and enjoy the rain as it dances on the rooftop and window panes… I love to laugh at comedy, and cry when I watch sad films. I wear my heart on a sleeve so I can be very emotional at times.

I am ready to explore the world with a new set of eyes, a fresh heart, and a hungry soul.  As a writer and artist, I have always wondered what “utopia” or “nirvana” actually is —

Evening Sky

Evening Sky

Are there angels, cherubs, spiritual beings?  Do the skies meet heaven and earth like a pastel collage of rainbows?  Are there green pastures and rolling hills?  And do the oceans melt into the orange sun?

My journey begins today…as I learn more about myself, where I’m going, who I am, and where my journey takes me…

I look forward to sharing my  my sometimes fascinating and sometimes mundane life with the world…my poetry, my reflections, my opinions, and my experiences… today is the first day of the rest of my life.

***** HIRE ME *****

Resume of CarolAnn Bailey-Lloyd
Freelance Writer, Online Journalist, Author, Artist, Poet, Professional Blogger and Web Consultant

Objective: To achieve personal and professional growth in a position associated with public relations/web consulting, content development, Internet marketing, or ghost writing. Highly motivated, I work well both independently and as a team player.

12/2006 – 04/2009

Content Writer/Web Consultant/Online Journalism for Major Websites dealing with Natural Health and Spa Wellness

Public Internet/media relations, website maintenance/marketing/promotion, search engine optimization, blogging, client communications, follow-ups, problem resolutions, information gathering, keyword-rich content development/writing, article distribution; and research for category descriptions for well-known website with respect to holistic practices and relevant sub-topics, including educational content; journalistic interviews; school and book reviews; author, website proofreading/editing; collaborative communications, concept development, planning/consulting in marketing strategies, client, author and reciprocal link infrastructure, and setup of personal member accounts. Maintain communications files, emails, and other business records. Create and develop communication templates. Maintain high standards of public relations and professional business ethics

11/2007 – Present

Freelance Writer and Online Journalist for an Editorial Serives

Freelance writing projects including blog descriptions and articles for several Websites.

07/2007 – Present

Content Developer and Ghost Writer for a Celebrity Website

03/2003 – 10/2006

Content Writer, Public Relations Director for a major Holistic Website, Music Website, and SEO Website

Public relations duties included: website(s) content development/marketing/promotion (SEO), client communications, etc.


  • 1992 Contributed works to nonprofit org. – Wuestoff Child Protection League, Rockledge FL
  • 2000 “Windows to the Soul,” literary book published
  • 2001 Participated in the creation of a six-by-twelve foot sympathy card and sought endorsement from the State House, the Governor, and the Citizens of South Carolina in honor of the victims of September 11.
  • 2001 Separate Works published in two major literary books
    “Who’s Who of World Book of Poetry,” and “The Brilliance of Night International Library of Poetry.”
  • 2002 SC State Representative – International Disability Coalition
  • 2002 American Longevity Association Member
  • 2006 “Somewhere along the Beaten Path” literary book published

Interested in my services or work? Read some of the work I’ve began uploading on this wordpress blog, or for faster results, Google my name “CarolAnn Bailey Lloyd” for writing samples. Contact me via twitter or send a message to me here.


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